Hello, I'm Pietro Cipolla

I am a BsC Computer Science student

About Me

I'm a student in Bachelor degree of Computer Science at University of London. My goal is to become a software engineer who can provide clean software that can link people all over the world.

  • Location: Bologna, Italy
  • Phone: +393289681290
  • E-mail: pietrocipolla20@gmail.com


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The Game Project

This project aims to create a Super Mario style mini video game using Javascript and the editor used is Brackets. The game allows you to move freely in the virtual world and interact with your surroundings.

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Drawing app

In this project I developed a drawing app and some tools with various functions such as: the spray can, a text editor, the eraser, mirror writing. There is the possibility to change the color and size of the tools.The app was created using Javascript, Html and css.

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Advisor Bot

The advisorbot program is designed to help a crypto-investor in the analysis of data available on the exchange. The program starts and runs on the command line allowing the user to enter commands and receive responses. The program is develop in C++